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WS Property Management

WS Property Management opened it's doors for business on 1st April 2012.

Factoring and the Housing Association 

When Whiteinch & Scotstoun Housing Association began refurbishing the houses in its area over 40 years there was a clearly identified need to take on the responsibilities of factor for those private home owners and shop owners in the tenement blocks being refurbished, to ensure the buildings were kept to the best possible standard.  As the Association grew it continued in the factoring business, however in 2011, when the transfer of stock from Glasgow Housing Association was imminent, a business review identified that the Association's factoring business would likely increase, post transfer, to beyond that which can be operated within a charity.  A trading subsidiary was therefore needed and so WS Property Management was born.

We are registered with the Scottish Government to deliver a factoring service and our registration number is PF000097. 

Tenements Where we operate

We factor properties primarily in our area of operation which is the Dumbarton Road Corridor, from the Clyde Tunnel to Harland Street, although we do have one or two propetrites outwith.    We currently factor  507 residential properties, 95 commercials (shops), 1 workshop and 1 office.  

Our Board

Our Board is made up of the following 

Jan Carmichael (Director)  Jan is a local resident and former Vice-Chairperson of the Housing Association.  

Linda Mimnagh (Director) Linda owns a property factored by WS Property Management Limited and serves on the Management Committee of the Housing Association.  

Andrew Reid (Director) Andrew is currently Director of Finance at the parent charity Whiteinch & Scotstoun Housing Association.

Linda Stevenson (Director)   Linda is a local resident and serves on the Management Committee of the Housing Association.

Peter Latham (Director & Secretary) Peter is currently Director of Corporate Services at the Association.

Our Staff

Bob Innes

We currently employ 2 members of staff.

Bob Innes MIRPM our factoring manager joined the organisation in 2013.
Bob came to us with a wealth of housing experience, having previously worked with the City Council, Balgrayhill Tenant Management Co-operative and latterly, with North Glasgow Housing Association. Bob is supported by Sue Shone, Director of Housing Services at Whiteinch & Scotstoun Housing Association.

Anne Marie Bordone joined us in November 2021 as part-time factoring assistant and usually works Wednesdays, Thursdays and on Friday morning. Anne Marie previously worked within the finance teams at Scottish Homes and Atrium Homes and as a factoring assistant at New Gorbals Housing Association.Anne Marie Bordone

Freedom of Information (FOI)

WS Property Management Ltd. is registered with the Office of the Information Commissioner solely on the basis of its governance (ie that it is a subsidiary of a Housing Association).  Services to private owners are not covered by the legislation.